Monday, January 25, 2010



SO to recap: we are in Los Angeles in a really crappy hotel, sweating and drinking and eating other people's ham sandwiches.
We went to this guy Gary Calamar's house to do a private lil acoustic show for him. It was pretty cool. He picks out music for a bunch of TV shows like True Blood.
Gary and Nikki
Gary, Me, Kelley, Lauren, Nikki, and Gary's WIfe
Group Pic w/Lauren
Lauren set the whole thing up and works with us on all kindsa cool stuff. like taking over the radio like pirates. she's real badass.
our manager JT Chillin Out LA style
JT @ Calamars
SO this is what its like ya'll? I have no idea who these people were but i bet if i knew i woulda peed my pants. LALALALA
Calamar PArtee
Who are those Hunks????
Calamar Lin Byron
Went for a walk around the hotel- pretty pretty
Palm LA
I ate at this diner twice while we were there... can;t remember the name now though.
RIde Free
Here we go! Beverly Inn, the shittiest hotel you can stay at! (actually probably not but its pretty bad). We almost got kicked out of this place... and there was obviously a transvestite prostitution ring going down here. but somehow they didnt seem to care. instead they focused their anger on us. Dont stay here if you go to LA.
ON the way to our show at BARDOT (private party oooooo LALALALA)
CApitol Records building was across from Bardot. pretty cool lookin.
Capitol Records
This is a painting of an accessory. not a toy. i mean not a dog.
Toy Pet Dog
THis is what the stage would have looked like at bardot if you were watching it on tv in 1959
Ceiling was high profile! (baha)

Went and checked out the tourist strip. never been there before. WHOA so many people that are so annoying! It was awful! and great! im glad we got outta there with out losing an arm or an appendix or something. there were a ton of michael jackson paraphenilia/dopplegangers too. pretty annoying.

Yoda Sucked
it was completely unrealistic too. He was like 6 feet tall. and there was this guy dressed up as one of the beatles but he was like 6'4, chubby, old and had grey long hair in a ponytail. he looked NOTHING like any of the beatles. I think he was scottish too. and they expect you to pay money to take pictures of them!
Crappy Yoda
John waynes footprints were the same size as mine, i swear!!! and i have an incredibly small foot. Like a 5 in womens or something. I think they musta been really high heeled boots or something. Maybe not, because apparently there is some controversy as to how tall john wayne actually was, and some say he wore size 11 but others say only a size 7. Either way i like how he punched his fist into the concrete.
John Wayne
This is cool because he put his guns down. some of the other cowboys put their horse's feet down! i think gene autry was one of them.
Bill Hart
What a dream boat!!! Paul Newman!!! thats not my hand though, its lin's haha.
Paul Newman
Humphrey Bogart!!! another dream boat! This one definitely had the best note to sid---- "May you never die till i kill you"
Humphrey Bogart

Mann's Chinese Theatre
Chinese Theatre
Chinese Theatre

Our good friends Chris and Maritza, New acquaintance Bart Simpson, and Lin
Chris Maritza Bart Lin

Great Head Dresses
LA Feathers

BAck to the Beverly, yeah they really did have color tv can you believe it.
Beverly Motel


We saw this hilarious bus with a huge best in show dog.
Best In Show
Played in Phoenix at Modified arts, an all ages space (which recently closed unfortunately). This band, The Chandails, was really really good. And they were all 16!
The Chantails
Seriously, check those boys out. Chandails on Myspace

So this cool guy Norm showed up with some serious threads! him and patience were doin it up gymnastics style.
Patience and Norm
Then Kelley joined the club.... balancing on beams and swimmin in kiddy pools alllll nite.
Gymnastic Class

Pretty view on the ride to Albuquerque

We stopped at this really good little mexican taco stand kinda place and ate, and next door was a really awesome thrift store. The lady that worked inside was extremely old and looked like she could definitely do magic. She had rose tinted glasses. She also asked us if school were out! heh heh. anyway, these are some paintings that i really wanted to buy, but they wouldve gotten broken in the van so it was a no go.
deer pic
I guess what made this place so good was that it was actually cheap, like thrift stores used to be.

Stopped at a tourist shop, the Painted Desert Indian Center. Nice.
Teepee sunset
Painted Desert Indian Center

All the Crap I Bought
Jessi decked out

More Pretty Desert View

So we stayed in SantA Fe for 2 nights.... Nikki used to live there. We had a pretty small show in Albequerque but it was still fun cause of Nikkis crazy friends. Santa Fe is so crazy because it is 7,000 feet above sea level! makes my head spin just thinkin about it. Thats 2,000 feet higher than Denver! Yeah, i definitely threw up.... and it was snowing!

anyway, we ate at this really good diner that was near where we were staying, The Tune Up. THEY HAD AMAZING FOOD and yum yum yummmy green chiles. Dont forget, if you are ever in New Mexico, get green chile's anywhere. You can't get them that good anywhere. This is what lin ate:
yum yum
This is what I got- Yes thats Plantains and Mole Sauce mmmmmmm
Kelley about to chow down... I got this dish the day before, it was like a breakfast burrito plate w/plantains. It ruled & makes me DROOL
Kelley Burrito
Nikki & her green chile burrito. I think I'm gonna get this next time.
Nikki Burrito

And then, when Lin was unknowingly posing for a innocent picture, he got attacked BY A BEAR
Bear Attacks Lin

The Girls of The Grates came with us to the Dallas Art Museum before we headed to our show. We had a grand old time for the 15 minutes we were there.
Happy Days
Abbey Roadin' it
Abbey Roadin
Dallas Museum
Museum View
Dallas Skyscrapers

Our friend hooked us up with a room we couldve never afforded ourselves at a crazy nice hotel. So we partied.
and peed on the floor in front of the front desk while we were checking in. well, not we. him. anyway...

Party in the Elevator! with john grate and patience grate!
John, Patience, Lin in Elevator
View from the hotel the next day: VA VA VOOM
THis is the shadow of the hotel. We were on the top floor i think. The pool was on the roof! Oh MY!
FAncy Hotel Shadow

So it was the last day of the tour with Grates.... Sad but true! We decided to do boy car, GIRL CAR. we also got our friend, Mr. cactus, and he joined in on the fun. he got to go with the boys car though, obviously.
Alana and Mr. Cactus
Alana and Mr. Cactus
Mr. Cactus flyin' high with USA and Texas Flags.
Linwood, Takin' off
Byron, Ty, And Alana, awaiting Take-off
Byron, Ty, Alana
BOY CAR- they wish they were that cool
Boy Car
GIRL CAR- seriously though, where's the real party at??
GIrl Car

So we went to austin, not before almost running out of gas and stopping at a gas station in the ghetto and getting harassed by an old dude with a grill. He actually pulled a sack of weed out of his pocket when he was looking for change to pay for his cigar. Dumb DUMB.
Any way, we were late to our instore at Trailer Space but it all worked out and was a fun time. We chilled with the Strange boys some, and then went on to the continental club. we got to hang with our pal Dante from Hacienda too! \
Our good friend Anna had recently moved to Austin from Murfreesboro, and we stayed at her house. It was so fun and good to see her! she made us the most wonderful breakfast, probably ever. Mexican Fiesta Omelettes, Fried Plantains with Yogurt, and Pumpkin Pancakes... YEAH!!!!! Thanks anna. We love you.
Anna's Pancakes

Anyway, that about wraps it up on the Grates tour, although there were many memories and fun times I'm sure I have failed to log. Either way, we had such a wonderful time with possibly the sweetest band in the universe.



  1. you guys, Gary Calamar is awesome. hope you play LA again soon!

  2. Sweet tour. Looking forward to catchin you again in Murfreesboro in April. Keep rockin out. You are my favorite band in Tennessee.