Monday, November 9, 2009

Cincinnati, Circleville, and Louisville

We played in Cinci again, at Southgate house again, this time with Cowboy Mouth. It was terrible! I've never seen a band who's music was so offensively awful. But they did know how to work the crowd... I guess? afters trying to endure it for a few hours, we went upstairs and to our surprise Memphis natives Lord T and Eloise were playing. They are a hip hop group, and they had the lights and fog going like crazy. it was way more fun than downstairs. unfortunately I couldnt get a good pic.

Then we were on our way to circleville, where we found a nice corn field to stop at...

Circleville was a really fun place! we played at Toodle's Pumpkin inn, and it ended up being way more awesome than we expected. Circleville is home to the world's largest pumpkin, AND the worlds largest PUMPKIN PIE!!!!!!!!

Some scenery pics from cincinnati:

Next we went to louisville and played the original highlands festival. I had a ton of fun hanging with my family!!

above: cousin donald and brother oakley

above: my mom, dad, and nikki darlin

above: cousin dante and captain byron

above: little brother oakley

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